Apartment Living More Popular Than Ever

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Australia’s love affair with units, townhouses and semi-detached properties is at an all time high, according to the latest Housing Density Report by BankWest.

Figures reveal a record 43.4% of total new home approvals were for medium density dwellings, up from 39.8% last year.

“There used to be a real anti-apartment sentiment but that’s definitely on the decline,” said SwanCare Group Retirement Living Consultant, Harry Pearson.

“People used to have a fear of shared walls but the insulation properties of today’s apartments are so good, it’s no longer an issue,” he said.

“In fact, the insulation not only reduces the sound, it makes it very easy to keep your apartment cool or warm, which means your power bills will be less.”

While many West Australians still dream about owning a traditional house on a quarter-acre block, Housing Industry Association figures show it’s becoming just that – a dream. The average block size in Perth is now a record low 423sqm compared with 446sqm a year ago and 508sqm in 2008.

“Some of the new houses being built are not much bigger than apartments. But the apartments have more advantages,” Mr Pearson said.

“There’s minimal maintenance and no lawns and gardens to look after. And they’re much more secure.”

Mr Pearson said the majority of future developments at Bentley Park would probably involve apartments as space for re-development is limited.

“Apart from the benefits, they’re more affordable because the cost of the land is shared,” he said.

“But best of all, they’ll allow more people to enjoy living at Bentley Park.”

For information about future apartment developments at Bentley Park, including the new Stage 5, contact Harry Pearson on 6250 0016 or email harry.pearson@swancare.com.au .


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